Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Chicago Photos - Things That Aren't in the Zoo

When Kyle, Pooteewheet, and I went to Chicago to see the Burlesque Festival, we stopped by the Lincoln Park Zoo (that's right, we left Eryn at home and then went to the zoo and her favorite restaurant) and wandered around the city in our search for pizza at a local Lou Malnati's.

Goethe, the Mastermind of the German People! No doubt his ability to control eagles was one of his superpowers. There was a nice statue of four people kneeling in a circle at St. Joseph's nearby. Kyle refused to stand in the circle so I could take a picture of him getting a BJ. And obviously trying to create that angle with Goethe wasn't going to work.

Proof that our hotel was incredibly fancy, or cursed. I don't recommend the Days Inn in North Lincoln Park unless you make sure they're not going to give you a room o the east side against the street. If it weren't for all the beer on Friday night, I wouldn't have managed to sleep. Pooteewheet had to go down to the desk to request ear plugs. To name a few of the sounds: people talking, bus revving, bus beeping, cell phone, drunk folks, fire engine sirens, many many honking horns.

I'm pretty sure this is racist in some manner. They don't post signs about Siamese Connections anywhere I've ever noticed in Minnesota.

This is for Eryn. Her hatred of Potbelly is a joke around our house, ever since she had the sandwich with the hot pickle on it.

It was nice of someone to tie all the pieces falling off the bike back onto the bike in a handy carrying tote.

This is cool. They leave the meters up for bicycles. I wonder if they'll do that with the new electronic/credit card meters when those are past life.

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