Thursday, March 24, 2011

Chicago - Lincoln Park Zoo

While we were in Chicago, we walked from our hotel to the Lincoln Park Zoo.  It was a bit cold for the animals to be out,but plenty of them were visible anyway.  This camel was obsessed with chewing on the chain for his ball.  We were speculating whether it was because he enjoyed how cold the chain was or because he was grinding his teeth.

After seeing the gibbon swinging back and forth with his junk waving in the air in front of us, coupled with the breast feeding gibbon, Kyle told me I should get a monkey of my own.  I disagree.  Smart pets scare me.  And the sign on the monkey cafeteria (where they make vegetable pizzas for monkeys, not where you eat monkey) had many things to say about why only idiots and selfish bastards kept domesticated monkeys.  It was amusing that they spent a lot of time clarifying they were referring to "non-human primate ownership".

Apparently people were VERY concerned when the tigers jumped down into their moat.  The zoo keeper had to put up a sign to assure people this was normal and they shouldn't panic or worry it was going to be able to come up the other side and eat them.

Obviously authorized zoo personnel are Oompa Loompas.

I like this picture.  It was taken through a fake camera with a real camera that captured my reflection in the fake camera, but the real rhinoceros in the real camera via the fake camera's real lens tube.  Makes for a neat shot.

This screams for one of those triptychs where you get closer and closer and closer to the giraffe's face so it feels like he's upset with you.  But he looks a little too simple to be an evil giraffe.

F*** are ostriches ugly and stupid looking.  This sort of behavior doesn't help at all.

This would be part I of the triptych.  I had a very nice picture off just a giraffe ass which could have been picture #3, but I got rid of it as it was in poor taste.  Who really wants to look at that?

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