Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Why did the one condiment quit trying to ketchup? mustard.

Oh...that's good stuff.  I cleaned up some of our various spice locations in the house.  I found a lot of pepper.  I also found a lot of mustard.  We don't have a lot of brand affinity at my house.  Pooteewheet uses mustard once in a blue moon for meatloaf purposes.  I think we're good for the next 20 years.


Larry Rubinow said...

"Pooteewheet uses mustard once in a blue moon for meatloaf purposes."

I'm pretty sure this is a reference to me, and I'm trying to get my head around it.

Scooter said...

If I had said the mustard was really old, you might have a point. But given your family diet, I think it would have been in poor taste to make you part of a allegory about a dinner made by mixing two kinds of animals together. And my reputation around humor of poor taste is well known.