Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Perhaps a Bit Overboard

While shopping for Ming's birthday gift - a paintball marker package (aka paintball gun package) so he could partake of paintball on Ron's island - I came across this item on Amazon, the US Army Project Salvo Elite Sniper Paintball Marker Kit. At $294.00 it was a bit outside my birthday budget for Ming, but it made me laugh. I pictured him sitting in the woods, just waiting and waiting and waiting before firing off a single paint ball. The fact that the individual on the receiving end of the paint ball might be me sealed the deal. No way I was buying it.

Ming frequently refers to paintball guns as markers, to avoid the idea that people are being shot at. A marker doesn't shoot, it just marks. With paint. But adding Army, Project Salvo, Elite, Sniper to the mix when qualifying marker is just funny.

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