Monday, September 06, 2010


We went to the Arboretum yesterday with Cookie Queen and her children. It was a beautiful day. Not so hot you'd bake, like when we went last year, unless you purposefully sought out a place to sit in the sun. We checked out the wild grasses.

And the hedge maze.

Here's Eryn yelling directions to Cookie Queen. Not necessarily correct directions. But directions nonetheless.

The kids did seed pod races in some disconnected pieces of gutter, and made pinecone fairies like this one, obviously modeled after Ziggy Marley if you're cool. Phil Spector if you're not.

This is how you know whether it's time to go, by plotting the sun's position against the grass and tomato plants.

I didn't know you could make scarecrows by growing them from the ground up. Or tractor up.

SLUG BUG....UM...SLUG....SLUG BUG VERDANT! I don't know why it looks like Conner is peeing on it. Maybe he's helping it to grow.

The willow hut. Part of a world wide sculpture series. It seems to have been formed, not grown. The purpose seems to be that it's biodegradable art.

I told Eryn and Conner this was my bathroom. Pretending to poo didn't keep them out of it.

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