Sunday, June 20, 2010

Rock the Garden

LissyJo was very nice and took Eryn yesterday for almost 9 hours while Pooteewheet and I went to Rock the Garden at the Walker (at the Sculpture Garden) on two tickets I won at work (yep, Twins tickets and Garden tickets. It was a good week). Particularly nice as my brother in law was out of town and she already had two girls and a sushi date.

The event was great. There was Retribution Gospel Choir, OK Go, Sharon Jones and DAP Kings, and MGMT. The last one was the one I was excited to hear, although I really enjoyed OK Go as well, and the others were just fine to listen to on a sunny day in the park. You'll have to excuse that last post about the New Pornographers. Apparently I was on a previous year and had a mixture of bands in my head that suit my disposition.

OK Go doing a bells number. The women in my hometown Methodist church had a bells group that used to tour the state. Good to see it's gone mainstream. I did enjoy the secular version considerably more than the religious version.

Sandal Summit! Built in coasters. The ability to get Summit EPA was wonderful.

Stupid sunglasses guy. Maybe he has an ailment? I hope so. There was also stupid dancing girl near us. She was a teenager, so she probably deserved a bit of slack, but there were two teenage sisters sitting next to us who were incredibly amused, so she doesn't deserve too much leeway. I asked one if she was amused and she replied, "No. Confused." Later their mom told us they were referring to her as the Elaine on Seinfeld dancer. I have video, but it was too dark for it to be amusing enough for publication.

His glasses from another angle.

Pooteewheet's ex, from junior high that is, and his wife Ginger. I don't think they'd seen each other in 20 years or more. Luke is a cofounder of The Nerdery, which is cool. A brush with local geek fame. He does indeed have two beers and a dixie cup of heavily vodka-ed juice. He was riding the bus home, so he didn't need a designated driver.

Some videos from the bands that were playing:
MGMT Time to Pretend:

MGMT Electric Feel:

MGMT Kids:

OK Go, Here we Go Again, for Pooteewheet who has never seen their treadmill video.

OK Go, This Too Shall Pass - Luke was commenting on their Rube Goldberg video:

Sharon Jones and The DAP Kings, 100 Days and 100 Nights:

Retribution Gospel Choir, Hide It Away:


Anonymous said...

"Ex" is a bit strong, though Luke did take me on my first movie date, and give my my first rose-from-a-boy (at RenFest, I believe).

Anonymous said...

I like the video for "This Too Shall Pass." Looks like it took a tremendous amount of effort. -PTW