Friday, June 18, 2010

Geocache (!)

Klund is concerned I may not be geocaching. I am. I'm just not doing a very good job of logging my finds. I went geocaching during the manager offsite this year with a geocacher from Rochester (New York). And even taught a few management types how to geocache. They stood around for quite a while trying to find what I'd already found. Just to add some clarity to this weird cache, it looked exactly like the other bolts in the same area. You had to come to terms with the idea that it required three bolts to hold up one strut of the park structure instead of two like the twenty other struts.


klund said...

So, is that classified as an Evil Cache? (I'm glad to see you're still caching. I was worried about you.)

Scooter said...

It was definitely evil, although I was in a good zone, so we found it fairly quickly. I wasn't bashful about taking a picnic table and just shoving it up there and yanking on everything. Geocaching is no place for the meek.

We should do a day again sometime in the not too distant future. I can make sure Eryn comes this time and Kyle, Ming and Logan all had fun.