Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day

A good Father's Day. Pooteewheet made me breakfast and coffee and Eryn gave me a hug. I also got a nice new shirt from Threadless, a ride for me and a friend (Pooteewheet) around Minneapolis or St. Paul on Segways (3.5 hours! Better do it before winter), a coupon book from Eryn for hugs and cleaning her room (among other things), and a card where the punch line was that Eryn had farted in it. Definitely my daughter.

My new threadless t-shirt:

Eryn wearing my sunglasses after we biked down to Blackhawk Park together. She wasn't impressed with the heat or the uphill ride on the way back. I think she was a little worn out from LissyJo's yesterday and helping in the neighbor's garden and slip and sliding today. I would like to make it a point to tell Izzy's that their policy of not closing until the last customer was out the door, which allowed us all to enjoy a cone at 10:45 p.m. last night, is just incredible customer service. My Summit Oatmeal ice cream and coffee grounds laced Izzy were delicious. Eryn walked in wearing her pajamas. Pooteewheet actually found two other people who were there who'd been at Rock the Garden.

Three times the Eryn at the playground!

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Anonymous said...

Awesome idea for a photo, Scooter! We should print and frame this one.