Friday, June 18, 2010


I have this urge to put an exclamation point at the end of all of my post titles. I'm sure that would make the blog much more exciting.

On Wednesday, Eryn and I went to the Twins game courtesy of my company. Apparently the Twins tickets are very difficult to win because everyone wants to enjoy the new outdoor stadium. I won on my first entry (I did submit for three separate games, but still, I appreciate not having to fill out more entry slips). I also won Rock the Garden 2010 tickets for this week, so I get to listen to the New Pornographers, among others. It's an 8 hour concert in the sculpture garden. LissyJo is taking Eryn for the day to hang with her and the girls so we can go. I'm not so sure I'm hip enough to pull off Rock the Garden, and I'm sure there's a Millennial at the company who would curse me if s/he knew some old fogey was going.

But...I digress and encroach upon future posts. Eryn and I parked about six blocks away and actually found a free spot to park, but she was pretty tired by the time we figured out where we were sitting.

As you can see in this picture of one of the Rockies batting, our view, and our seats, were incredible. Between third and home. At least until the two people in the seats in front of us, who were missing the first hour, finally showed up. Then our seats weren't quite so child friendly. We'd have been better off in the upper, steeper seats, where Eryn could have looked over a few heads. She was more interested in her tricolor bag of cotton candy, however, so I'm not sure she was missing much. But she did ask dozens of questions about the score boards, and the pitcher numbers, and batter numbers. And we both made fun of the people on the video board who didn't realize they were on camera because they were so busy texting on their cell phones.

Eryn and the two empty seats in front of us. She was excited about the game and even though we left about 9:15, she told me I had to wake her up and tell her whether they won or lost, particularly after hearing on the radio that the Rockies had men on second and third. There was a big woo-hoo! when I told her the Twins had held on to the two points they'd had when we were there and the Rockies had only picked up a point.

On the way to the stadium, a few pedicabs had passed us before we had a chance to catch a ride. Eryn asked if we could catch one back to the car and I told her sure (after all, the game had only cost us $20 for food). She waved one down herself and I gave the guy $20 (floating fee) because even though Eryn is light, I felt I was a bit of a burden. He told us about training for a triathlon and about his girlfriend being on the Twins video board, but how he'd never been to a game himself, only watched them from the nooks/peak areas outside the stadium. I think this is the bit Eryn will remember when she's older.

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Kyle said...

Looks like a good evening out at the new stadium, although I can see what you mean about the lower deck seating maybe not being the best option for kids.

We should get a couple of those pedicabs for Elroy-Sparta. People can take turns pedaling and resting throughout the ride that way. It'd be like having your own continuous sag wagon service ;)