Saturday, January 16, 2010

What do Agile Managers Look Like?

Alan Cooper was asked at Code Freeze 2010 "What do Agile Managers Look Like?" His response was, a manager can't manage craftspeople. Instead, they have to facilitate. A good Agile manager will [and I'd posit any manager should]:
  1. Define and reiterate the overarcing goal (focus on the quality line, not the deadline),
  2. Promote standards,
  3. Focus on what to avoid and potential obstacles,
  4. Help everyone on the project focus,
  5. Own the problems and eliminate the roadblocks.
The factory has moved to the brain, and managers who continue to follow an outdated factory floor management paradigm are going to have an issue with that change. Don't think you can convince those managers. Just do the right thing and drag them along so they have to confront reality.

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