Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sunday Sledding

It was a long weekend for Eryn and I. While Pooteewheet was down in Tucson, we:
  1. Went to Art Buddy training at the MN Institute of Arts.
  2. Went to Ollie's hockey scrimmage.
  3. Went snowmobiling (previously blogged).
  4. Cleaned the house and the porch rather thoroughly (sans scrubbing).
  5. Went to breakfast at Kyle's.
  6. Went sledding at Elm Creek Park Reserve.
  7. Watched the Vikings - Cowboy game where the Vikings trounced the Cowboys.
  8. Went to the Holiday Inn and spent six hours over two days in the water park (nice bed!)
  9. Went to Dave and Buster's with Kyle, Matthew and Jonnie to have lunch and play games.
  10. Had a failed geocaching adventure in the Elm Creek dog park
  11. Ripped two pair of tights and had to go to Target to replace them and the car seat I broke this weekend before going to Ballet on Monday night.
  12. Somewhere in there I mixed in watching Year One, part of The Orphan, the pilot of Human Target (bleah), read a sizable chunk of The Phantom Tollbooth to Eryn, and got my butt handed to me in multi-player Call of Duty.
Serious weekending.

The sledding was particularly fun. For the first time, the hill at Elm Creek was groomed, so we could go all the way to the top and get some real speed. Ming and Logan showed up in addition to Matthew, Cynthia, Zoe, Jonnie and Kyle. There are a ton of pictures on my Flickr photostream at the top if you head out there now.

Zoe waving as Cynthia pulls her back up the hill. I wouldn't even carry Eryn's sled up the hill for her. If you can't get yourself and your sled up the hill, it's time to quit as far as I'm concerned.

Logan and Ming going luge. My favorite part was when Logan made Ming sit at the top of the hill in the sled, but wouldn't let him go until everyone had walked all the way back up the hill from the bottom.

Matthew, Kyle and Jonnie. It sounded like a large plane taking off when they went past.

Eryn and Jonnie after a successful run.

Eryn running into trees for the second time over the weekend. Once on a snowmobile and once on a sled.

Cynthia and Zoe on their way down.

And ad hoc picture of me taken entirely by accident.

There's plenty of video as well:

Ming and Logan Luge Runners:

Cynthia, Zoe, Kyle and Jonnie:

Eryn and Me:

On Your Mark, Get Set, GO!

Zoe going down the hill in a prone position. Very amusing.

Zoe with a faceful of snow after going down in a prone position. Not as amusing. A little sad.

Ming on a tube that work gave us...indicating why no one uses them. Too slow.

Zoe going down prone and Eryn not far behind.

It's time to go now...


Anonymous said...

Sounds like and looks like you had a good weekend. Dad

Scooter said...

We did - tons of fun and Eryn was talking about much of it, so it sounds like I didn't overdo it too much.