Saturday, January 16, 2010


As part of "Mom's out of town" festivities, Eryn and I took a papa san up to Logan (it took about 15 seconds for the cat to claim it), went to Ollie's hockey scrimmage, and then went to my brother's house north of the cities to have dinner and do some snowmobiling in the back yard. Eryn had never been on a snowmobile before, so it was a treat to a.) ride as a passenger on the bit Cat, b.) ride solo on the Kitty Cat (and secondary kid's machine), and c.) ride the sled pulled behind the snowmobile.

On the Kitty Cat. This is the one she was on the most, going around and around in circles. I know, no helmet. But the speed was pretty limited. When she switched to Ollie's slightly bigger sled, she ran into a tree, but she still wasn't going fast enough in Andrew's back yard to be worried.

On the big snowmobile. She wasn't driving - she was a passenger. I was going to have her rev it, but then I thought that might be a bad idea if she went shooting off into the water.

In case there was any question about whether she was having a good time. When we put away the snowmobiles later, she cried.

A panoramic view of my brother's back yard with Eryn on the Kitty Cat in the distance. It was more like the rides you do at the fair around a track then real snowmobiling, but it was perfect for learning to ride/drive.

A couple of videos of Eryn on the Kitty Cat. I hauled Ollie around while she drove in circles. Apparently he's taught many of his friends to drive the snowmobile that's just larger than the Kitty Cat as it will pull a sled and he loves to ride. I heard a story today that he'd run into my brother-in-law's car the first time he tried to drive a snowmobile. Given my brother's history of running into things when he was younger, that's pretty funny.

Another video on the Kitty Cat:

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She looks SO HAPPY! -PTW