Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Weekend Miscellany

Matthew and Jonnie watching the Vikings trounce the Cowboys. Woo hoo! Even Eryn was excited about the game.

Our sole attempt to find a geocache. We didn't get much further than climbing over the fence, because outside the dog park the snow got very deep and Eryn and I were in tennies. The rest of them went on, but had to pull up short on the edge of a pond because the snow got deeper and deeper. Still, it was a nice day for a walk and we got to see lots of dogs. Eryn is trying to take a picture of the landscape on her DSi.

Eryn on screen at Dave and Buster's where we had lunch. She was playing a driving video game. I missed the best faces because I realized too late I could see her highlighted above. She's gotten much better at video games and was a big fan of Skee Ball (I know, not a video game), Beachhead (?) 2002, with the helmet you put your head in and move around in a 360 degree circle, plus up and down tilt, and driving and motorcycles (she can tilt the motorcycle now). As Kyle noted, "I'm sure MLK, Jr. would be proud to know we spent his day playing games of violence and destruction."

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