Friday, January 08, 2010

Midwest Burlesk, Open Invite

I am going to the Midwest Burlesk Review on Friday, January 29 with Kyle and his brother Matthew and an associated brother in law. We'll be eating at Nye's prior to the Review, which will be disappointing because I suspect The World's Most Dangerous Polka Band or whatever entertainment is afoot won't be playing yet, but at least the Polish food will be delicious. If you are interested, I'd enjoy having you along as a fellow attendee. Tickets are for open seating and you can find them here. And if you want to hit dinner with us before the show, drop me a line.

My wife will be going the next evening, Saturday, if you're a chick and you don't like hanging out at a burlesk festival with dudes (although I believe Kyle and I might have been outnumbered by the opposite sex last year), then I suspect she'd enjoy a few co-attendees as well.


Deejayneko said...

We've already got tickets to the 7pm show! Maybe see you at Nye's?

Scooter said...

I'd post a comment back on one of your blogs with a time, but I don't have access :P

I'll send you a time when Kyle and I agree (very soon). Saw your wife at work yesterday walking down to her new contractor digs - she looks much happier than when she was back in the corner behind the cafeteria as a full timer.