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Books 2009

It was a bad year for reading. I've discovered that job changes can have that effect on my reading habits. 14,273 pages and 64 books, although there's a healthy number of kids books I read aloud to Eryn and graphic novels in that mix. At the moment I'm listening to an audiobook (Super Freakonomics) and pondering whether that belongs in my 2010 list. Seeing as I let graphic novels in, I don't rightly feel I can deny an audiobook its place, so I'm going to add them with the appropriate pages, as long as they're unabridged. I did break 200,000 pages this year, so maybe that's the goal to be proud of.

My favorites this year were The Prefect (a very decent bit of science fiction in a year I didn't read much good scifi), Subterranean Twin Cities (non-fiction about the caves and limestone tunnels in St. Paul and Minneapolis. Did you know there's a cave under one of the strip clubs?), The Court of the Air (steampunk), In the Company of Ogres (irreverent fantasy), Fool (Moore, a given), Red Queen, The: Sex and the Evolution of Human Nature (my favorite of the year...such an excellent book to make your brain do some acrobatics - I'll probably read it again), and, somewhat surprisingly, The Living Dead, an anthology of zombie stories that Pooteewheet read after I dead (whoops, I mean "read", that's a funny slip) and agreed was a damned good anthology for a book full of zombie stories. I gave a few graphic novels high ratings...but that's sort of on a graphic novel scale. I prefer novels/texts.

I think the standouts on the other end of the spectrum were primarily management texts. Figures.

12/29/2009Prefect, TheReynolds, Alastair9.00
12/22/2009Fables: The Good Prince (Issues 60-69)Willingham, Buckingham, Leialoha, Alexovich, Pepoy5.50
12/20/2009Fables: Sons of Empire (Issues 52-59)Willingham, Buckingham, Leialoha, Allred, Pepoy6.00
12/18/2009Book of Monsters (Rex Libris 2)Turner, James8.50
12/15/2009I, Librarian (Rex Libris 1)Turner, James8.00
12/13/2009Accidental Time Machine, TheHaldeman, Joe7.50
12/13/2009Whys and Wherefores: (Y: the Last Man 55-60)Vaughan, Brian K. and Pia Guerra and Jose Marazan, Jr.7.25
12/12/2009Kimono Dragons (Y: the Last Man 43-48)Vaughan, Brian K. and Pia Guerra and Jose Marazan, Jr.6.75
12/12/2009Paper Dolls (Y: the Last Man 37-42)Vaughan, Brian K. and Pia Guerra and Jose Marazan, Jr.6.75
12/12/2009Motherland (Y: the Last Man 49-54)Vaughan, Brian K. and Pia Guerra and Jose Marazan, Jr.6.75
12/11/2009Gates, The (of Hell are About to Open, Want to Peek?)Connolly, John8.00
12/11/2009Girl on Girl (Y: the Last Man 32-36)Vaughan, Brian K. and Pia Guerra and Jose Marazan, Jr.6.75
12/11/2009Ring of Truth (Y: the Last Man 24-31)Vaughan, Brian K. and Pia Guerra and Jose Marazan, Jr.6.75
12/11/2009Safeword (Y: the Last Man 18-23)Vaughan, Brian K. and Pia Guerra and Jose Marazan, Jr.6.75
12/10/2009One Small Step (Y: the Last Man 11-17)Vaughan, Brian K. and Pia Guerra and Jose Marazan, Jr.6.75
12/10/2009Cycles (Y: the Last Man 6-10)Vaughan, Brian K. and Pia Guerra and Jose Marazan, Jr.6.75
12/10/2009Unmanned (Y: the Last Man 1-5)Vaughan, Brian K. and Pia Guerra and Jose Marazan, Jr.6.75
12/9/2009Subterranean Twin CitiesBrick, Greg9.00
12/2/2009All Star Superman (vol 2)Morrison, Grant and Frank Quitely7.00
12/1/2009All Star Superman (vol 1)Morrison, Grant and Frank Quitely7.00
11/27/2009B if for Beer (A children's book for gorwn-ups, a grown-up book for children)Robbins, Tom7.75
11/20/2009Edging Past RealityFingerman, David A.6.00
11/13/2009Juggler of WorldsNiven, Larry and Edward M. Lerner6.00
11/6/2009SuperfudgeBlume, Judy8.50
11/6/2009In The Company of OgresMartinez, A. Lee8.25
11/1/2009Court of the Air, TheHunt, Stephen8.75
10/31/2009Brief History of Time, A: From the Big Bag to Black HolesHawking, Stephen8.00
9/15/2009Practices of an Agile DeveloperSubramaniam, Venkat and Andy Hunt5.00
9/6/2009Nameless Witch, AMartinez, A. Lee7.75
5/25/2009Heart-Shaped BoxHill, Joe7.75
5/20/2009Prador Moon: A Novel of the PolityAsher, Neal7.50
5/20/2009Race Across America, TheStilton, Geronimo7.50
5/15/2009Saturn's ChildrenStross, Charles7.50
5/5/2009Christmas Carol, ADickens, Charles8.00
4/20/2009FoolMoore, Christopher9.50
4/18/2009Fables: Wolves (Issues 48-51)Willingham, Medina, Leialoha, Hamilton8.25
4/17/2009Fables: Arabian Nights (and Days) (Issues 42-47)Willingham, Medina, Leialoha, Hamilton8.50
4/16/2009Fables: Homelands (Issues 34-41)Willingham, Medina, Leialoha, Hamilton8.75
4/15/2009Fables: The Mean Seasons (Issues 22 and 28-33)Willingham, Medina, Leialoha, Hamilton8.50
4/14/2009Fables: March of the Wooden Soldiers (Issues 19-21, 23-27)Willingham, Medina, Leialoha, Hamilton8.50
4/13/2009Fables: Storybook Love (Issues 11-18)Willingham, Medina, Leialoha, Hamilton8.50
4/12/2009Sir Cumference and the Great Knight of AnglelandNeuschwander, Cindy6.00
4/12/2009Fables: Animal Farm (Issues 6-10)Willingham, Medina, Leialoha, Hamilton8.50
4/10/2009Favorite Greek MythsPope Osborne, Mary7.75
4/6/2009Red Queen, The: Sex and the Evolution of Human NatureRidley, Matt10.00
4/1/2009Fables: Legends in Exile (Issues 1-5)Willingham, Medina, Leialoha, Hamilton9.00
3/27/2009Locke & Key: Welcome to Lovecraft (Issues 1-6)Hill, Joe and Gabriel Rodriguez8.50
3/26/2009Magic Pickle vs. The Egg PoacherMorse, Scott6.00
3/22/2009Rapunzel's RevengeHale, Shannon and Dean (illus by Nathan Hale)9.50
3/15/2009Harvard Business Review: November 2008 (Magazine)Various8.00
3/15/2009Icy Hand, The: Something Wickedly Weird (II)Mould, Chris7.00
3/15/2009Under the Banner of Heaven: A Story of Violent FaithKrakauer, Jon8.75
3/8/2009Mine All MineDavies, Adam8.00
3/2/2009Wooden Mile, The: Something Wickedly Weird (I)Mould, Chris7.00
2/24/2009End, The: A Series of Unfortunate Events (XIII)Snicket, Lemony8.75
2/22/2009Lead Well and Prosper: 15 Successful Strategies for Becoming a Good ManagerMcCormick, Nick5.50
2/18/2009Thief of Time (Discworld XXV)Pratchett, Terry8.25
2/13/2009Road, TheMcCarthy, Cormac7.50
2/9/2009Last Hero, ThePratchett, Terry8.25
2/5/2009Living Dead, TheAdams, John Joseph8.50
2/3/2009Penultimate Peril, The: A Series of Unfortunate Events (XII)Snicket, Lemony8.50
1/28/2009This ImmortalZelazny, Roger8.25
1/15/2009Where Late the Sweet Birds SangWilhelm, Kate8.00
1/8/2009Grim Grotto, The: A Series of Unfortunate Events (XI)Snicket, Lemony8.75

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