Thursday, January 07, 2010

Favorite Stories Posted by a Few Friends

My friends have been posting a few news article links lately. These are my favorites:

Klund, Anti Christian Bigotry at the Hedonist (original list) - I like the Curb Your Enthusiasm concerns.

Wali, Beautiful Axes Holiday Weight Gain Members, "As a business, we mourn the loss of any member, but the fact remains that our members demand the high standard of beauty be upheld," said site founder Robert Hintze.

Dan, Human Sacrifices on the Rise in Uganda as Witch Doctors Admit to Rituals. "We also have about 120 children and adults reported missing whose fate we have not traced," he added. "From the experience of those whom we recovered, we cannot rule out that they may be victims of human sacrifice." [I think they were kidnapped by seasonal santas who are out of work and hoping to start a real toy factory at the North Pole elved by Ugandan children. The experience just as likely supports that thesis. You may find that cruel, but I point to a shared belief in parts of Africa and Asia about koro or penile retraction syndrome leading to mass hysteria, mass laughing hysteria in Uganda proper, and mass execution of witches based on hysteria in Gambia.]

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