Friday, July 17, 2009

Game Crafter

I read about Game Crafter in a TechCrunch article. It allows you to design and build your own personal board games. An interesting idea. Maybe I can use it to build Mean Mr. Mustard another game celebrating his heritage that he won't play.

But more importantly, Kyle, I believe it is up to you to design a game that allows alliances, but only at a severe penalty to the players in the alliance. I suggest calling it Chickenshit! I'll play it with you before I critique it.

Pete and Sarah poo-pooed my idea for "Sexy Pete: a Mystery Date Expansion" and "The Furries", despite me finding a Sarah card on Palinoscopy they could use for one of the date pieces. If I'd had a bit more foresight, I could have made a few dozen "RAGBRAI" games (I suppose I'd have to license the title...sigh) to take to Iowa for the purposes of funding my cross-Iowa ride.

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Kyle said...

One of the RAGBRAI-themed games could/should involve pie-eating across Iowa. You could then send a copy to Olivia for her review...