Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Where Have I Been?

I know...I've disappeared for a long time. I can't help it. Hedonism was just so much fun. A week in Jamaica at a swingers' convention...who wouldn't go? There was this brunette with the most perfect breasts I've ever seen, and the things she could do with a harmonica, Panera cinnamon bagel, and three golf tees (different colors)...well, I'd let you imagine it, but you'd probably forget to include the throat singing that ended in three part harmony, the cup of iced coffee, and what Pooteewheet can do as a side kick given three quarts of mint ice cream and a funnel.

Or, I could haver been on RAGBRAI, riding my bicycle across southern Iowa. Only to come home to flipping a side on the duplex, including breaking up enough left behind furniture with a sledgehammer to fill a 15 yard dumpster, and tackling painting, cleaning, drop ceilings, and the like. My typical day lately is 10 hours at work starting at 7:00-7:30, 30 minutes of driving to Richfield including finding beer, 3-4 hours of work at the duplex while drinking said beer (but not playing with power tools or anything especially sharp), and 2-3 hours of remote work from home. When I have a bit of free time, I've used it to label and upload photos so I can write about the ride this weekend. It was a doozy, exercise wise, so you'll get to hear me talk about how difficult it was compared to the flat ride in 2007.

My first day back at work, I got this treat from Outlook. Apparently I was gone much longer than I thought. I generally enjoy my job, but if I'm still working there in 2478 and still intend to catch up on migration resource meetings that are 24,444 weeks overdue, you have my permission to give up on me. I'll be beyond redemption.


Kyle said...

So you got back from RAGBRAI, flipped a duplex, drank beer and used sledgehammers to break stuff. All without telling me... Any reason you didn't want to share in the joy? I'd have been glad to help. I've got at least one good arm AND my own sledgehammers, thank you very much...

Scooter said...

You can't break stuff up with a sledgehammer. There's no way you're allowed to do that if you're not allowed to ride a bike. It made my wrists hurt and they're extra strong from a week of RAGBRAI. And I didn't want to subject anyone else to the joys of duplex flipping this time. Anything I didn't have time to do needs to be handled at the least possible intrusion to anyone I know (hence the carpet stretching professional and bathroom cleaning professional).