Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Geocaching Humor - Courtesy of the Dakota County Sheriff

Addendum: Oh my. It seems Bart is getting grief from Dakota County for the coffin. I think the sheriff should find something better to do. Geocaching is definitely not a criminal activity in Dakota County. How traumatic could it be if a bunch of 4th grade Girl Scouts were scouting it out only a little over a month earlier.

Klund sent me this, although why he's reading the Dakota County Sheriff's newsletter, I don't know. But it made my day. Very funny stuff given Eryn and I struggled to find it as the end of the Halloween 2008 series last fall. I remember the coffin fondly because of the beautiful snow followed by the pizza challenge and subsequent surgery.


Anonymous said...

What. Huge. Losers. ~PTW

Chris said...

Doesn't say a lot for Dakota County cops if they can't spot a fake skeleton when they see it. That was a great cache. We were thrilled to find it.