Monday, June 01, 2009


After apheresis today, I was walking into work from the far lot and there was a guy walking a few paces in front of me with his programming book tucked under his arm. He had his initials scrawled across the pages in big letters: P N S.

Dude. No. Even if it's the name your parents gave you and you're proud. Could you not use your first name or last name because they're equally embarrassing? Perhaps you go by the name Penis N. "For Nuts" Scrotum, and there's simply no middle ground short of calling yourself Pen? You must stop. Stop writing PNS all over everything. I'd give you the same advice if your initials were VAG. Or BJ.

The only positive remark I can offer if they're your initials is that at least you didn't borrow a book with PNS written on it.

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