Wednesday, June 03, 2009

$1.38 Million in Lap Dances

I read this blurb in Secrets of the City this afternoon.

The former executive director of a school for American Indian children is accused of spending the $1 million-plus he allegedly stole on cars, houses and nights at strip clubs. "This is just about as bad as it gets," says the sheriff. Obscure Store via Strib.

I think perhaps he was paying for more than dances. Someone needs to do the math to determine how long it would take to spend $1.38 million if it was only dancing. I'll lay out my best attempt.

He was keeping his day job, obviously. He needs sleep and food. Commute. Chores. Max he was spending 6 hours a day at the club. 10 minute dance, $20? The internet seems to bear me out on that estimate, although perhaps I'm low given they estimate $20 for a single song. $120 an hour x 6 hours = $720 not including gratuity and beer. Let’s say it’s a phase 0 estimate, off by 100%, so $1440. The aforementioned Google links note that it could be up to $500 an hour if it involved a private room and cheap champagne, putting us somewhere between $700-$3000 for a six hour period. Let's go with the $1440. Multiply x 365 days a year = approx. half a million annual if you don’t add extra time for weekends. He stole it over 2003 to 2008 and included houses and cars. So I guess that’s reasonable. Spread over 5 years, he was only spending about half of what he could have if he had really applied himself, or spent all his time drinking cheap champagne in the champagne room, or enjoyed two girls dancing at once like Tall Brad does. I bet two women quadruples the cost in the champagne room.

So, by my logic, I am incorrect. He could have been paying for only dances and still managed to need to embezzle that much money. Good to know.

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