Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Educational Post

I still poke around for possible work for Klund, hoping that something churns up in between searches. Today I found a developer who rents his services (via rentacoder) out of St. Peter. He's done a site for fainting goats (Misti Rose's Fainting Goats). I found this to be helpful, so I'm hoping it also helps you.

"Reproductive System Bucks: Testicles should be 2 of equal size, fully descended, and showing firmness. Teats should be 2, symmetrical and nonfunctional. All bucks entering the IFGA herd book shall have no more than 2 symmetrical and nonfunctional teats."


klund said...

What does a functional teat on a buck do?

Scooter said...

Allows you to sneak into the goat harem undetected? Sort of like in Abbott and Costello's "Lost in a Harem"?