Monday, May 18, 2009

Bowling - Incident II

Yesterday, during the birthday party, I walked into the bathroom to use the urinal. At the same time I was parking my car (so to speak), a guy unlocked the stall, walked out, and then walked directly out of the bathroom.

No handwashing.

Sir, do you know where you are? Because I do. Which means I KNOW WHERE YOU'RE GOING TO STICK YOUR FINGERS! I just don't know in which one. F*ing lotto! I'm glad adults weren't bowling. I'm not sure bringing my own sanitizer will even make me feel clean enough next time I bowl.

I described the situation to Eryn, who mentally drew the dots and said only three words. "Bowling ball! EWWW!"

1 comment:

Sank said...

HATE that see it all the time. See it a restroom that really only used by well paid, college executives. Pass right by the sink on their way out of the can..