Monday, February 02, 2009

Daddy Daughter Sweetheart Dance

Pooteewheet threw a picture of Eryn and I at the Eagan Daddy Daughter Sweetheart dance up on Facebook, but I thought I'd post something here as well so I could add a few videos of the dancing. The dance was on Superbowl Sunday, and from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. central time. It was layered over the entire game. Fortunately, I came home for the last five minutes which were the most interesting.

I note the game, because the woman running the dance apologized to the audience several times for the date and assured everyone it would never be on that date again. On the positive side, Eryn got a teddy bear, a cloth rose, and a second teddy bear centerpiece because there were so many bears and centerpieces left over from no-shows that it was less of a lottery and more of a handout. I presume I'm a good Dad for going to a dance instead of watching the game.

We did have a great time. We got dressed up. Drank lemonade. Made Valentine's cookies. Colored heart magnets. And danced. I felt bad because some of the fathers lifted their daughters up for a slow dance, and Eryn's just too big for that (or I'm too weak...take your pick). She looked like it made her feel a bit sad, but she seems to understand. She stated after the first hour, her hair a bit sweaty, "Dad. Dancing is like exercise."

So here we are, dressed up for the dance. My suit hasn't been out of the closet in so long the shoulders were dusty. I'm not sure I've had it on since Eryn was born.

Here's Eryn dancing for the camera. Hamming it up a bit.

And here's me doing a white guy dance with her, although I can't quite get her to stop dancing for the camera. We didn't really capture her favorite move in this video. The spin. She likes to spin, until it looks like she should puke. One hand spin clockwise. One hand spin counterclockwise. Two hands,spin around and spin back. Spin around me with other spins, like a planet orbiting the sun. Sometimes it involved using the rose or the teddy bear as a pivot point. Made me dizzy just standing there.

The two bears have been named. The larger bear is Teddy Bear. The smaller bear is Teddy. I shouldn't complain. I once named two of the stuffed wiener dogs Pooteewheet owns Dick and Dick Dick.

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