Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Klund Teaches Me To Skype

Primarily for Tall Brad and Mean Mr. Mustard. The proof.


TallBrad said...

This is why video is just plain bad. I am already talking to you why do I have to look at you.

We used Skype to talk to Mary's brother and his family in Ireland. They will be there for about 4 months. It is cool and free :)

klund said...

This was taken right after I said, "Good God, man! You're at work! Keep your pants on!"

Scooter obviously has preconceived notions about the proper use of webcams.

klund said...

Hey, why did you delete my comment about Wow Gold?

Scooter said...

Because of your liberal use of profanity and general denigration of other WOW players.

And you're lying. It wasn't your post. I know your preference is to play a dancing wookie in Star Wars Galaxies.