Monday, February 02, 2009


I owe Mean Mr. Mustard a thanks for the sushi set he gave me for my birthday today. Sure my birthday was two months ago, and he seems to have eaten the frozen lobster that came with the set, but I can find a use for the various Asian oils and lotions in the box.

And I owe Klund a thanks for hooking my family on Wii. Then Rockband. And now Skype. The other night we tried to use all three at once, and Rockband II failed us, allowing us to connect with complete strangers, but not the Klunds. I've messed around with my router, watched the traffic come through on the Wii IP, opened up appropriate ports, and I think we're still screwed. According to many posts online, often the friend-to-friend portion of Rockband II just does not work.

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