Saturday, May 24, 2008

Meme o' Seven Tails

BoringSAHM tagged me with a seven meme. Like a six meme, or the more uncommon eight meme, it requires me to share seven facts about myself, and then tag seven other bloggers. I find it confusing to share seven facts, because I don't think there are seven things I haven't shared on my blog already. And it specifically requests seven random facts, which presupposes my brain works randomly, rather than as a fine-tuned calculating machine incapable of true randomness without a disruptive jolt of electric current. Hold on while I find a light socket.

1. I’m an Eagle Scout and OA Vigil member. As a Scout I attended the National Jamboree in 1981, Okpik wilderness survival as an adult leader, and Many Point Scout Camp in Northern Minnesota more times than I can count. I was part of the OA ceremonial team. I was an overnight camp counselor for Scouts, including Cubs and Webelos and spent many weeks each summer living in a canvas tent.

2. I walked four miles last night trying to find a hidden cache that was much further away then the little question mark on the map, and then biked 32 miles this morning, partially to avoid spending $4 on gas. This time will all get logged on the corporate health program.

3. I was recently appointed (requested to join my director) to the corporate fun committee for my department. This is best summed up by Erik, who asked, "Do they understand that most of your fun revolves around beer?"

4. I know all the words to Sylvia's Nobody and, particularly appropriate for a Meme of 7, Sheena Easton's You Could Have Been With Me. I'm pretty sure this is peculiar as I don't really cross dress and sing on the weekends on the Gay 90s. It does tag my age in some ways.

5. My most precious possessions have included (at individual point in times) a bear made out of kangaroo skin, a teepee made out of bark, a copy of The Arabian Nights purchased at Riverplace, and a crystal door knob.

6. It is an extreme rarity for me to finish a complete video game.

7. Breakfast today included venison sausage, a Summit Pils, and a Summit Scandia (thanks, CookieQueen). For lunch I'm having a quarter of a pizza with some free range eggs on it (idea courtesy of Sarah and Pete, eggs courtesy of Mike the Eggman who works on sixth floor).

If you read this far, and I didn't get the meme from you in the first place, you're tagged. Please try to make one of your random facts less than random by tying it somehow to the number seven.

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