Thursday, May 22, 2008

Out for a Ride

We've been out biking quite a bit this week, with the tagalong trailing behind. Yesterday, we biked down to the river in Eagan, found a whole bunch of bicyclists who were racing, biked over the river on the Hwy 77 bridge, biked back, and then biked all the way uphill to the house. I was tired today - it was definitely a bit of work.

Today we biked home from the school picnic. Eryn points to where we were.

Don't look at my bulge. Don't. Look.

We arrive at Carnelian Park for some more R&R. No geocaching - there's a new cache there, but it was temporarily removed because the search was destroying the shrubs. There was a little kid here who had a shirt that said "My Aunt is HOT". I told his Dad a picture would definitely be appropriate.

Something more along these lines (original). I think we'll be buying these for all my nieces and nephews and Kyle's nieces and nephews (and Eryn and Conner) this year. I think the "I'm Huge" shirt in the picture is perfect, although the weird wrist thing and cranberry wine coolers he's taken to drinking are a bit disconcerting.

Eryn the mountain climber.


boringsahm said...

Gosh Eryn has grown, I remember the bicycle trailer pictures!

Also..You have been tagged again(sorry!) head to my blog.

Anonymous said...

I hit the pound (#) key on my telephone ten times, but then the receiver just returned an "invalid call" sound.