Monday, January 07, 2008

Toilet Humor

Eryn and I went geocaching yesterday when it was so nice out. We gave Pooteewheet four hours (maybe more) of uninterrupted nap and grocery shopping time (take that, Mac) and wandered the local parks, topped off by some ice cream at Ring Mountain. Eryn wasn't sure about the walk around Blackhawk Lake, around a mile and half to two miles in her slightly-too-long snowpants, but once we found the geocache at the midway point, she was much happier. I think she felt it was one of the most hilarious things she'd ever seen.

For my part, it was perhaps the first day in years that I'd left the house and gone out in public without a shower. Which explains why we passed perhaps the most attractive Latina (with a touch of Japanese?) I've ever seen walking around the path, followed by a woman in winter-jogging clothes walking her dog that I think is what Minnesotans picture when they're thinking about hot Minnesota women. Not that I'm shopping - but it seems important to put in an effort if the walking trail is going to be so damn sexy. Hopefully having a four year old in snowpants along obviates some of my mussy hair and the dorky GPS around my neck. We also bumped into a coworker and his cocker spaniel. I assume I can't ever effectively be his manager now that he's seen me unbathed.

Here's Eryn with the stick we were using to make sure we weren't on thin ice.

This was from a nearby park where we found another cache, not at Blackhawk. I was reminded of it today when I saw this similar picture of Rambo at Taylor's Mediation. I'm not sure who it's supposed to be - maybe the guy from V for Vendetta, busy fighting dystopic tendencies in Eagan?

Finally - the cache that made Eryn so happy around Blackhawk Lake, courtesy of MSPMatt of the local geocaching community. It is indeed a camo toilet in a pine tree. You open up the bowl and leave your name and geocaching swag inside. Considering how much Eryn likes to use the word "poop" lately, I knew this would appeal to her. She asked to see the picture again tonight, so it definitely made an impact. Truly a caching treat.

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Mac Noland said...

As for me; I head out in public (on weekends) all the time without showering. Why? It's my right and I don't feel one-bit ashamed of it.