Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Family, Speed Bumps, Et Al.

The World's Most Effective Speed Bump, courtesy of Freewheeling Spirit (via LiveLeak)

Andrew Zimmern has a link to a molecular gastonomy powerpoint at New York Magazine. I had no idea this was a fad until I read about it in Sagal's Book of Vice. Then suddenly I'm seeing it on Zimmern, and what looks suspiciously like molecular gastronomy in a wheelchair on Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations. The bulk of Zimmern's post is about his dust up with the owner of Hell's Kitchen in the Rake and the locals involved. Apparently part of the argument is he looks down on the locals. Personally, I find that difficult to believe of someone who appears with Colleen Kruse (a columnist for The Rake) live at the State Fair on what looked to be the local women's radio channel. Can you be more in touch with the grass roots culture of the Twin Cities than to be hosting something with Colleen? My wife and I have been married fourteen years, and we fondly remember seeing her at the local comedy club when our love was newly minted and shiny and Colleen's joke about her son's strong penis might not have embarrassed him as a what...high school upper classman? college student? I enjoy Zimmern's show on The Travel Channel. He seems to truly enjoy food and the people who serve it. Then again, I also love Hell's Kitchen, as can be noted by my previous posts citing disgust that they were below Perkin's and how excited I was to eat there, and Eryn and I talking about possibly riding the train downtown to eat there this weekend. Just get along and keep me entertained and well fed. Maybe that's what you're doing.

My great grandmother. I believe my dad pointed out that she's the one in the middle front. That may be my great great grandmother to the left of her. He wasn't entirely sure.

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Anonymous said...

Here Here! I read Zimmerman's article as well, even sent it to Pete I found it so poignant. We don't have cable but on my and our travels, I and we have watched the travel channel with glee. I also adore Hell's Kitchen. Num num num..must eat there now.