Friday, January 11, 2008

Links from Locals

Someone in my house said there's snow outside. I'm sitting here, facing a window, and I couldn't tell you yea or nay. I refuse to look. I'm heads down enjoying the web. I can't help but wonder if Tall Brad has been watching for some sort of details about my poker win at his house last Friday. They won't be forthcoming - not even a word about whether I had an 8 in my hand. I refuse to discuss my new poker strategery.

I stole this out of a comment at Planet Dan's. Watch for the arm flailing, it's the best.

Pete Ryan despairs of a urinal booger. Fortunately, he works so far west of my cube that it's officially another building. Then again, I won't touch the push area of the urinal door near me for a very particular reason.

He's not local anymore, but he was, so he counts. Fimoculous links to the trailer for Paris Hilton's new movie, The Hottie and the Nottie. Want to go to an afternoon movie during work sometime Ming and Mean Mr. Mustard? It could be better than Ming's Matrix sequel outing. But the fact that the trailer is about eight minutes long certainly implies a bad movie. Well...and Paris Hilton.

Information Aesthetic has a link to an interesting graphic of all the attacks in Iraq that resulted in American and coalition deaths.

links to an interesting picture about gas and soldiers.

After School Snack
is no more. I wonder if I'll get them off my blogroll in the next year. I swear, that thing is like a glacier. The non-global warming sort of glacier.

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