Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Working Hard

Yesterday, in my new cube without the pole, I found myself staring at the clouds, lost in contemplation of one that looked like a scotty dog, and another that looked like the world's largest crayfish.

On a more productive note, Scott Hanselman has blogged his 2007 list of developer tools and power tools. I've used quite a few of them - but there's always something new and unexpected.

I can't go because I'll be driving my grandmother to Tucson, but Minnedemo 3 is October 11 at O'Gara's (via Luke Francl). Two free beers for the first 200 attendees. So far they're up to about 75.

Grady Booch is talking about "The Promise, The Limits, and the Beauty of Software" on September 26th, 12:45-2:30, at the U of MN. If you're at that one - say "howdy". A big thanks to Ming for telling me about Grady's talk. Grady blogs here, and at Booch.com (the blog is mirrored).

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