Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Hi 5

Logan loaned Eryn some videos to watch, in return for her loan of Cars. He really likes a singing group called Hi 5, and Eryn hasn't watched one yet, but the back of Hi 5 Series 3 is a little disconcerting:

"Doctor Kathleen is in shop. She has three toys who need medical help, and she is there to help them. Jup Jup isn't feeling well either. For each of them, Kathleen prescribes a drink of water, a cuddle, and a rest. Jup Jup wants his prescription too, and hides himself in some towels so he can have a cuddle. However, when Kathleen says that she is putting the towels in the wash, he escapes in the nick of time, feeling much better."

It sounds ominously like the plot from The Fugitive. I bet Jup Jup will be searching for the one-armed puppet who killed Charli.


Anonymous said...

Australians are getting into Eryns life. Music, relatives etc. Soon she will be talking Ause. Like her cousin. Green cat material is purchased!

Scooter said...

Excellent. She was bragging to the other grandma and grandpa about her halloween costume.