Tuesday, July 10, 2007

8 Things - Big Valentine

I got tagged to do an 8 Things meme by someone named "D" who read my Fritter post. I don't think I can do an 8 things meme if I just did a 7 things meme. That's asking me to be 12.5% more interesting (or more!), and that's asking a lot. And what's with the numbered memes coming at me from Australians? I think they're just concerned Americans can't count.

So instead of adding an 8th item, I'm going to point you at the 7 items, and I'll add a picture from construction of the giant Valentine's Day card listed as one of the interesting items. Sort of 7.5. This isn't me - this is Kyle. And he's painting the heart that was on the front of the card. If you look carefully, or hop to the great big picture on Flickr, you can see the holes drilled around the outside that eventually housed the Christmas tree lights that made it light up in the morning darkness of mid-February. And if you thinking, Scooter said it was 4x8' plywood, does this mean there were three sheets of 4x8' involved in the construction? You are correct. Next time I'll post a picture of it in front of the house it was delivered to - that will give a more clear impression of how big it was.

The firewood was not used, by the way. It wasn't a burning Valentine dropped in someone's front yard, even if she didn't go out with me.


LissyJo said...

Who was that for? And what did kyle get out of it for helping you? I have faint memories of it sitting in our garage...

So, what are the other 6 (er, 7?) things?

Anonymous said...

What did I get out of it? I got the satisfaction of putting my carpentry skills to good use. The picture shows the giant heart, but not the scroll saw cut lettering for the front and the inside of the card. That was the really fun part!