Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Puppet Show

Pooteewheet is right. When I give Eryn a kiss and hug goodnight in the parking lot because I'm on my way to a haircut, and she's on her way home to bed, we look like a divorced couple swapping the kid in a neutral spot. At least we look amicable, or mostly amicable, until I start calling her a bitch and flipping her off. But that's just part of married life - it doesn't have to just be for divorce.

We went to see the Schiffelly Puppets at the Wescott library tonight. They did an extremely strange version of the Wizard of Oz that involved elephants sitting on frogs, various animals getting frozen by a wicked witch with a plunger that was really Tigger in racing stripes, and a giant toe doing Carrot Top-style visual puns playing the part of Toto (toe toe...yep). The kids did seem to enjoy themselves.

See...big toe.

Try to find Eryn's name on the Go Bananas reading board. She got a post-it and a game and a countdown bookmark for reading for 10 hours or so. I think the game is a little low-end for her (it's a Caillou game). She's sort of moved on to Connect 4 and Go online.

After the puppet show, we read in the parking lot so I didn't have to go home, just to get back in the car for a haircut. Reading is an active affair in the Scooter family - this probably isn't what they meant when they wanted her to get in 10 hours. That's the countdown bookmark in her hand - I'm sure the eventual net will be that she spends more time goofing around with it than she does reading.


PTW said...

The library didn't give Eryn the game - Caillou was in the most recent package your parents sent to her. The library can't afford to give away video games!

LissyJo said...

Hey! I should teach eryn to call you 'weekend dad' when you have exchanges like this in the parking lot.