Monday, March 26, 2007

Geocaching - Continued

Yesterday I made Eryn walk over 1.5 miles to find a cache at a local park. I think she was still exhausted today. But she actually helped me look around and find it in a tree, so she was pretty excited about that. And we finished up by playing on the nearby playground, eating sandwiches Pooteewheet brought in the car, and feeding the geese in the pond. Good family outing. In this picture you can see the cache in the tree above her head while she models with the GPS. Note that I didn't have to climb the tree. I've never had to climb a tree, although I tried the first time and scraped myself up pretty good. In this instance, it was lashed to the end of a branch for easy access. I suspect your average geocacher might trend toward nerdy, not necessarily fit, despite the walking, so aerial acrobatics are out of the question. Then again, I've only gone after the family friendly versions.

Today we went looking over by Lebannon Hills. We found a bug. That's a piece someone leaves in a container that can be tracked, so you know how far it's traveled. This one hasn't traveled very far, just around the area. But we'll help it on its way tomorrow when I leave it somewhere near work. That's not far away, but it's a hop. If I was going north to my brother's or something, I'd leave it there, but that'll have to be the destination of the next one. Eryn thinks the little blue car attached to the bug (just a dog tag, really) is cool. I notice that it was once moved by HJBilge. That's not a very clever moniker, Brad.

We were going to look for a second cache in the same area, but there were teenagers canoodling in the woods, so we bailed. Not that I care about interrupting amorous teenagers, but I didn't want to pull something out of the woods near them that they'd just trash the moment I was gone. They called us "stupid people" while Pooteewheet was nearby, and I considered giving them whatfor, but if you have to take every irritating teenager to task that you meet in your life, then you'll never have time for hobbies like geocaching, or taking your kid to the park.

Here we are at lunch on Sunday. In some sort of confusion, I guess I thought it was Look Like a Pirate Day...I'm not sure why else I'd be squinting like that. You're free to feel aroused.

Eryn is a treehugger. I'm not sure if it will save this particular tree, but she loves them anyway. She also loves that rock, and that stick, and that piece of bread that missed the geese in the water, and maybe that bike trail, and oh, Mom and Dad. She has a lot of affection to share.


Anonymous said...

Why were the teenagers calling you stupid people? It just seems like a very odd thing to throw out as an insult. Was it because you interrupted said "amorous pursuits"? Or were they just anti-social? Or did you walk into a tree while concentrating on your GPS? At least that might give them some sort of basis for calling the holder of the GPS unit stupid, although clumsy or error-prone would be more appropriate if that were the case.

Scooter said...

Pooteewheet says it was actually, "I smell stupid people." My mistake. I try not to consider the ways and habits of your typical teenager. I'm pretty much free of that responsibility for 9 more years (though tweening isn't that far away).