Monday, March 26, 2007

Postpourri - Web 2.0 and Lawyer Rap

MNteractive quotes Peter Rip, who is interested in the apogee of Web 2.0 applications: “The next wave of innovation isn’t going to be as easy. The hard problems in the WWW are no longer usability or ease of everyday content creation.” considers Twitter and gives a few other good links. Personally, Twittervision gives me a headache, but then I'm starting to be an old fart.

CivPro Professors can rap...about taxes.

MinneBar is coming soon, Saturday, April 21, to be exact.

And Scribd (TechCrunch) is interesting. The first document I pulled back was a reposted blog post on 2.0, which made me wonder, WTF, I can certainly do without a central site for reposted blogging. That's lame...or at least something I can use Technorati (currently obsessed with Twitter, btw) to formulate. But then you can find some fun links for less web-centric presentations. I don't mean presentations that aren't about the web, I mean presentations less likely to appear on the web, like PowerPoint presentations an educator wrote for coworkers, like this one on Web 2.0 for educators. That certainly has more value, particularly if you're looking for a template to start from.

And visit BritBlog if you get a chance. He doesn't post constantly, but his Web 2.0 pondering is quality, and I'm seriously considering the Polish lace lingerie for my wife for Easter (probably nsfw). Hey, the Bike Circle Thong (ditto, particularly if you're the sort of person who's compelled to click the "click for a detailed view" link) has the word "bike" in my book, that's a sign.


Anonymous said...

What woman wouldn't want her nether bits covered in Polish lace lingere, knowing that that very same pattern could be decorating "tables in the Vatican, Polish Parliment, as well as many other eminent places."

Based on a brief perusal of Koni-Arts website, at least one cannot argue that their products are not airy and breathable.

You know, you should go the extra distance in gift-giving this Easter and surprise your wife by donning your very own, custom-made, Polish lace banana hammock. Now that would make for a memorable Easter. After all, Easter bonnets are so 19th-20th Century...

Scooter said...

The whole hammock/Easter idea leads to some very disturbing considerations about whether to decorate one's eggs.

Anonymous said...

That would give you something novel to do with the leftover dye once you've finished dipping Easter eggs. Much more novel than watching different shades form as one pours the dyes together down the sink drain for example.