Sunday, March 25, 2007

You Suck

You Suck was stereotypical Moore. I was hoping for a bit more. No pun intended...but um...ouch. He just wraps up his endings too fast and too neat for me lately. I like the banter, particularly as I think many authors spend a lot of time putting full speeches in the mouth of every character every time they utter a word, but I want the plot to support the banter a little (or the banter to support the plot a little) more than it does.

And Pooteewheet doesn't seem to want me to use the term "flicking the bean", or to refer to myself as Sco Man (silent extra o...I'd be Scu with the ulautted u, but that's sort of death metal, and that's not what the Sco Man is about), so I'm being limited in my referrential material as well.


Anonymous said...

I take it you weren't using the term "flicking the bean" in a culinary fashion? i.e., "I was flicking the bean into the garbage since, unlike the others, it didn't look fresh." Use of the term in that sort of a situation would seem perfectly appropriate.

You've already solved the whole self-referencial problem yourself previously. Just refer to yourself as Scootah. it gets past the whole umlaut problem etc. Beauty plan eh?

Scooter said...

You know...I don't think you could say I was using it in any particular fashion. I could have been talking about real beans. I think my wife just assumes the worst of me.

Anonymous said...

I guess that's what I was getting at - you might have been implying an agricultural and/or culinary context, which seems perfectly reasonable. Regardless, whatever twisted take your wife might have applied to what you said is her concern.

But more importantly, have you started referring to yourself as Scootah? You should really start doing it in the third person context; i.e, "I think Scootah will have another cup of coffee", etc.