Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Not the show. I'm just wondering if this is how Ming ended up in Bemidji, Minnesota?

Title: Woman took wrong bus, missing for 25 years (from Boing Boing)
David Pescovitz: Twenty-five years ago, Jaeyaena Beuraheng, a Malay woman living in southern Thailand, stepped onto the wrong bus and then another wrong bus, and finally ended up more than 1,000 miles north (she thought she was headed south) apparently unable to get home. Beuraheng, now 76, does not speak, read, or write Thai, and survived as a beggar in the city of Chiang Mai. In 1987, she was arrested and has been in a center for the homeless every since until this week when she was reunited with her family...( From Reuters)...who were told she had been run over by a train...Link

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