Thursday, February 08, 2007


I know Klund says he's some sort of prophet because of a prediction he made a long time ago on his blog. But I don't think he's as accurate as Stargate SG-1. I was watching Season 5, Episode 9, which originally aired on 24 August 2001. It is called "Between Two Fires". That title might just be coincidence, after all, King Kong had two towers in it too (that '70s one), and so did Lord of the Rings, and neither is really prophetic of anything other than the end of John Guillermin's effective directing career. But this particular episode is about a bad guy who's trying to obtain a substance to create superpowerful weapons...SG-1 uses the exact words "weapons of mass destruction." Still not convinced? They spend a lot of time discussing that the only thing worse than murder is a government deceiving its people and breaking the "governmental conduct code." End result...society fails, dramatically.
Peter DeLuise (yes, son of Dom)...hack...or modern sibyl.


klund said...

Scooter, do you really think I go to your blog to see half-naked men? Couldn't you have used this picture? Huh?

Kate said...

Whoa.....NICE! Klund may not go to your blog for half-naked men but I LIKE it! Apparently he does not take after dear old dad in the weight department.
I think his days on 21 Jump Street gave him time to ponder the universe and mankind and reach a higher lever of understanding. Or he had extra time to do sit-ups. Dang!

Scooter said...

I really can't be held responsible if he posts pictures like that on the web - I have to choose the one that most accurately fits the nature of my blog. If that entails a bit of male nudity, so be it. Just feel a sense of relief that it wasn't some topless photo of Mean Mr. Mustard spiking a volleyball at the departmental picnic.