Monday, January 08, 2007

Pow, Right in the Ming

There is the distinct possibility I may blog until your eyes bleed tonight. I actually have a list, and it's not so small. I can't help it - that's what happens when I skip a few days it's....Blogstipation. Hey...I trademark that or something. It's mine. And I don't have any Netflix videos because we watched them all on Saturday and Sunday.

So...this is what I imagine it looked like when, at a company paintball event, Klund shot Ming in the side of the head with a paintball. The way both Ming and Klund describe it, it just can't be that far off. It might even just be some sort of subset of how it looked, because they were much closer to each other. I think they were on the same team.

So, courtesy of The Daily Nut, this time starring Blair Butler and Zach Selwyn (who actually look like they belong on G4TV. Blair is damn funny.), Paintball Headshot on


klund said...

Close, but no cigar. Yes, Ming was on my team, but he wasn't standing still, he was moving - very quickly - from one safe area to another. And I don't think it was the head, but rather the unprotected neckular region. And he did a kind of collapse and roll, not the wussy head jerk and flop that the guy on the video did.

Basically, Ming's was totally different.

Scooter said...

As different as being shot in the head region with a paintball can be?