Monday, January 08, 2007


I have wireless headphones at home, and I use them when I'm biking in the morning (at 5:30, ugh) to listen to a DVD on the computer. Lately, I've noticed that after about 35 minutes, there's a distinct possibility that they'll cut out and start doing this weird sort of choppy in-and-out noise. It's very peculiar, but the more I bike, so the better shape I'm in, the less likely they are to cut out. I've created a hypothesis - while exercising, my head becomes so hot that it affects the headphones, effectively overheating them. Exercise, copious amounts of sweat, and (semi-) precision electronics may not be the best mixture.

My headphones at work have a different problem. Something in the right earpiece (they're those fully fit over the ear sort of headphones) has come loose. So, if I hear a noise nearby, and quickly turn my head to see if someone needs my attention, "BAM!" there's an enormous clunking noise as whatever's wiggled lose slams back and forth within the plastic casing. It's loud enough to be painful, and it's started to affect how fast I turn my head when there's a startling noise. Some day soon, they'll find me dead in my cube from a crashing ceiling tile that I casually turned to check out.

"What happened?"

"The whole damn ceiling fell on his head."

"Why didn't he move?"

"We don't know. You could hear it in e-building. And he just sat there. It doesn't even seem like he really turned to see what was going on."

"Maybe the music was too loud?"

"No, that's the strange thing. It was on level 2 out of 100. It barely registers to human ears."

"Poor fucker."

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