Saturday, January 20, 2007

Materialism Meme - Specifically for She Says

I'll answer it after She Says does, as I created it for her. She's had a few days without a meme to answer. It's sort of work in progress, but this is what I came up with after a short bout of brainstorming.

Scooter's Materialism meme

1.) What's your most cherished item, the one item you would save if you couldn't save anything else (and not a cat or dog, a thing)

2.) Only for cat and dog owners - save the item in #1, or save the cat/dog?

3.) Can I buy #1 for $10? $100? $1000? $10,000? $100,000? $1,000,000? What's your lowest price? Does it have a price?

4.) If it doesn't have a price, have you sought therapy about your sentimental attachment to materialistic goods? And on a related note, do you hold your own garage sales?

5.) Favorite precious substance?

6.) Every had an item blessed that really shouldn't have been blessed?

7.) What personal item has surprised you with its durability?

8.) What's the most expensive thing you've ever purchased (other than primary residence and vehicle)?

9.) What do you feel is the appropriate % of your income to give to charity? Do you donate something other than money (and what)?

10.) Do you shop at garage sales? How often (and how much do you buy)?

11.) If you said yes in #10, what's the best thing you ever bought at a garage sale?

12.) What item do you constantly find yourself upgrading?

13.) Day to yourself. Shopping or chores?

14.) Day to yourself. Shopping or reading?

15.) Day to yourself. Shopping or some sort of event (movie, play, sports event).

16.) Let's press the issue. Shopping or sex?

17.) Your boss gives you an award. Do you want the public acknowledgement, or a private $25 gift certificate.

18.) If you could only carry an armload (let's say one to five) things out of your burning abode, not including the cherished item in #1, what would they be?

19.) What does another friend have that you want?

20.) Every get nicked (arrested, detained) or confronted for taking something you wanted?

21.) Do you get a magazine that's primarily devoted to acquisition or reviews of material goods? Which one?

22.) Ever take a job just so you could get a discount on something?

23.) Where do you buy most of your stuff? And why there?

24.) Where would you buy most of your stuff, if you could? Why there?

25.) What do you consistently buy for yourself that you really (really) don't need?

26.) Did you meet any of your friends through a shared appreciation of certain materialistic goods? Did the friendship last?

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