Saturday, January 20, 2007

Fun time catchup

There are a few links floating around my inbox that I thought I'd share:

Most importantly, the best 25 beers in America from Men's Journal. I've had Dogfish and Bell's, but I may have to dig around for the rest of them, particularly things in the top 5.

1 - Firestone Walker Pale Ale: Paso Robles, CA
2 - Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA: Milton, DE
3 - Stoudt's Pils: Adamstown, PA
4 - Russian River Temptation Ale: Santa Rosa, CA
5 - Avery Mephistopheles' Stout: Boulder, CO

Second, Eyeteeth lists some of the highlights from the Walker Museum's top 10s (here's the Walker link). I like the silver dog peeing on the wall. Almost as classy as the Britney Spears giving birth statue.

She Says sent me a CNN article about ways to decorate my cube, what with the big pole in the middle and all. I like the idea of little cube toys that are just copies of me, my friends, and our cubes. If I got them, I'd have to make them toys of their own so that people would get dizzy from the recursion.

That reminds me, a note for Mean Mr. Mustard: the Dunn Brothers closest to me has two computers and each of them sports a Findlaw mousepad.

Sky Blue Waters has two posts up about the nuclear plant in my home town - in sequence, they're funny...sort of...if you're not scared about your nuclear plant having problems.
Monticello's makeover - Part I
Monticello's makeover - Part II

And finally, this list of weapons that don't exist, but should, couresty of Tall Brad, who sort of ruined the humor by making Mean Mr. Mustard, Klund and myself try to figure out why he was asking us about whether we'd had anything to do with it, and then pointing us at the history tab. He meant it was our kind of humor, but the whole history tab thing was very confusing. That aside, everyone needs their own Chuck-Nun.

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