Tuesday, January 23, 2007


She Says wanted to see my prized koala bear. So here he is, in all his ratty glory. He's made out of kangaroo skin, circa 1968, straight from Australia, although bits and pieces of him, particularly where his ear is falling apart, are reupholstered bunny rabbit. Bunny rabbits have much thinner skin than kangaroos, so the recovering didn't hold too well. I give my mom credit for trying. He used to have four little black plastic paws, but those fell off long ago. Obviously well loved.


She says said...


Question is, who is holding up better -- you or da' bear?

Scooter said...

Me...although I have the equivalent of bunny fur patching on my eyes. Koaly isn't training for RAGBRAI and an extended (MN) Ironman.

Anonymous said...

The bear may be in better shape than the person who kidnapped it from its country and brought it to the States. Scooter you do have a k hide if you want to repair the ears (at the time I should have bought two). You can no longer get the Kola with acctual K fur. I to an in training for RAGBRI. I read where your biking idol will be their this year for the whole tour. (Lance A).

LissyJo said...

I know dad tried to write a comment in english...and i recognize the individual words...but put together they make no sense to me.

Is your "Koali" made of the cutest baby koalas still warm from their mommy's pocket? Stuffed with fetal koalas?

Scooter said...

LissyJo, it's made from k(angaroo) hide. But if it were made out of real koala, it might be worth a ton more and satisfy the material meme question "what do you have that might appear on antique road show"?"