Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Eryn Schmerin

Eryn is a busy little girl lately. We signed her up for her first gymastics class, which starts this weekend. She and I have daddy-daughter swimming twice a week (biking was making me a little itchy because I sweat a lot. Top it off with chlorine twice a week, and I'm considering bathing in hand lotion.) She's in phonics at daycare and is now an expert at rhyming (she called my brother "Andrew Mandrew" at the rental property, which really surprised both him and me and was damn funny when it came off the cuff), and has music lessons at daycare as well. And she's finally fully daytime potty trained (with even a few dry night time pullups), so we took her to Ikea to play in the ball pit. We were a little nervous leaving her somewhere other than daycare for an hour as that's not our scene, but when Pooteewheet picked her up an hour later, Eryn was absolutely dripping sweat, even though she'd stripped down to her tank top. She was playing that hard. Not to mention, Eryn's lunch cost me $1.15, and we found a cool present for my mother. It was all good.

Here's a mid-air ball leap.

And here she is fashion plating the sweater and matching scarf she wore that she eventually stripped off. Note the haircut. You can see her eyes again.

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LissyJo said...

Where is she going to gymnastics? ...and you didn't tell me!! There is a rather large gym near your house that i have been threatening to go their "adult night," which doesn't involve kinky gymnastic fantasies. Rather: Old gymnasts get to run around on the equipment and attempt breaking an unconditioned limb.