Saturday, September 02, 2006


If you haven't put down your bid for TomKitten's baby's bronze casted dump, the bid is currently only at $41. That's a steal. And you can probably write it off.

If a rainbow (alt - wiki) appears where there are no Christians to see it, does it still imply a covenant? And did you know if you put Muslim and Rainbow into a Google search, you get back primarily hits about gay Muslims?

Do tall people have a natural advantage in selecting mates in a cube-heavy environment because they can see each other over the walls? (a topic of discussion on the way to lunch with TallBrad yesterday - who made me laugh when he noted that my seeing "B.J." whenever he calls my spy phone "sucks"). Not only can they see each other over taller walls, but they stick up a little more in their cubes, so you can see them in cases where you might not be able to see someone else. Based on some personal observation, at 6'2", I can't see someone under about 5'10" in their cube without having to move into "looking like you want to start a discussion" space. If the cube-dweller were several inches taller, I could see them without any awkwardness. Conversely, if I were taller, same deal. If we're both tall, we could rule each other out from opposite sides of the building. A company truly dedicated to maximizing employee space would reduce cube walls to just a foot or two high so that the upward height trend of employees artifically created as a product of an unnatural environment would be diluted. It would also save money by negating any "ergonomic studies" necessary to procure larger office chairs. I think I need to get an average height at my company, convince them to lop a foot off the walls, and then take an average height again a generation later. I wonder how that translates for a 1% cost-savings bonus.

And if you don't read The Straight Dope online, you should. Reading about voluntary urine retention can save you the painful reality of a ruptured bladder, should you be in a car accident. Yesterday, Pooteewheet upped the ante on Eryn and bought her pull ups (they're not diapers, Dad!) that give her a freezing crotch if she pees in them. So, while Eryn was sitting next to me by the computer, I read her this part, "I mentioned voiding dysfunction, which sometimes develops in children who refuse to go to the bathroom for extended periods, leading to incontinence...". She immediately grabbed her bits and looked very worried.

Laugh...just now, from upstairs in her bedroom, "Brrrrrrrr!"

Which is probably why she enjoys this new book Pooteewheet bought her so much. I personally think it's just a bit passive aggressive to give Eryn a copy of The Day I Swapped My Dad for Two Goldfish, but Eryn really likes it, particularly the fact that it comes with a CD of Neil Gaiman reading the story so she can follow along. LissyJo should note that, per the comments on Amazon, at least one person feels it denigrates adoption.

And if you need more of an Eryn fix, help yourself to a video or two. This one is very strange. Eryn is singing, "Freakin Baby, you turned down my radio." We're not quite sure why. She also looks a bit like Steve Erwin (the Croc Hunter) in this video. This was from the same day that she named every necklace in the box of necklaces her great grandmother (maternal) gave her - things like Erbert and Peerflat and Sertert and Rosert (at least that one had flowers on it). I'm not going to post that, but if Grandpa or Grandma want it, Nomi would probably appreciate the video.

If her hanging-around video wasn't working for you before, it finally processed over at YouTube.

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LissyJo said...

Well now--That song was just special. I wonder where she heard the phrase, "Freakin' baby" from...