Thursday, August 31, 2006

Eryn Writes a Story

So, after my diatribe about verse, I'm going to offer something many of you might find almost as abusive - stories by kids (well, a story, by a kid). You'll cope. And note that I left myself an out by stating that it's very easy to avoid poetry in blogs if you're careful. If you read my blog regularly, you know that you can avoid cutesy kid prose by just a glance at the post title. If you read further, your masochism is your own affair, I'm absolved of the sado- prefix.

Ongabeeba Goes to the Fair, by Eryn
(Subtitled by Scooter: Why My Daddy Sued the Carnie)

Ongabeeba went to the State Fair. She went on a ride. She went on the big slide. She yelled all the way down it. She went twice. Once with her mommy, and once with her daddy. They yelled too. Once, she went by herself, because she was eight and she thought that was old enough to go by herself.

Ongabeeba went on the big slide again by herself. Yes, she did. Then she went on the fun slide. She had tickets, but she was old enough to go by herself. The eight was covered up on the fun slide sign, so she went by herself.

Then Ongabeeba went on the twirling monkeys. They went really fast. Ongabeeba likes going really fast. She liked the monkeys. She thought she was going "100", because she knew that was a big number.

Ongabeeba was on the twirling monkeys. But the steps didn't close. She didn't fall off. She still didn't fall off. But she fell off and got hurt that time. Then she cried. Yeah. She stopped crying. One of the people who talked through the microphone came to help her. They gave her a bandaid where she got hurt, on her pinkie.

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