Friday, September 08, 2006

Video Potpourri

Pooteewheet showed me this one. I feel bad for this kid - he looks generally scared to death that he's going to fall off the ride. However, his mother makes it eerily funny because she is a freaking psycho. Maybe if I just act giddy about his possible death and terror, he'll calm down?

Which brings up the point that Ming once sent me this one with a kid and a computer, which turns up on the same search and is the same sort of humor. Another kid I feel bad for - his parents are f-ing evil.

So...for something else amusing/frightening, Klund sent me this trail for the upcoming film Jesus Camp. WTF (not to be confused with WTFWJD).

And...if you've still NOT seen the Keith Olbermann video, go watch it (courtesy of She Says). It may be over a week old by now, but Bush's stupid speeches (and et al.) about how those who oppose the war are appeasers aren't going away any time soon.

Oh heck, go watch Olbermann riff on Katherine Harris while you're at it.

Still not enough? The Colbert Report is Crumbelievable.


She says said...

And speaking of pop culture, an especially fun piece of cultural trivia to keep in mind while watching the Katherine Harris bit -- apparently, an older woman who dates younger men is known as a "cougar". See, e.g.

Makes the end of the clip even more amusing.

Scooter said... I figured this was just common knowledge. But I had to explain it to my coworker Erik today.

She says said...

I had to have it explained to me too. I had no idea.

Maybe a future career option if the lawyer thing doesn't work out...?