Thursday, September 07, 2006

DSL II and LissyJo

Ming told me today he knew I had DSL because I was uploading videos to YouTube. I had to break it to him that no, I had not yet uploaded a video to YouTube while in possession of DSL and that, in fact, all videos on YouTube that belong to me had been uploaded using 50K dial up, even those videos several minutes long that would seem to have involved several hours of uploading...and did.

So, I shall now upload videos in a fraction of the time I previously forced upon my machine. My DSL YouTube virginity shall be spent on uploading videos to annoy my sister.

Video #1, my nephew, Arty, playing with the toy my sister probably likes least.

Video #2, LissyJo dancing with Eryn at the Scooter/LissyJo family Christmas party at my brother's house.

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